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Nothing will bother you more than a block of ice standing on your driveway. This leaves you with no option but to get rid of it. This will demand that you get an ice melter.

There are a variety of ice melters on the market today. So, when selecting one, ensure that you select a non-toxic melter to avoid effects like commonly seen in poisonous melters.

You should evaluate alternatives carefully so that you select the safest melter. And most preferably, picking a non-toxic and friendly substance can get the job done effectively. It should not pose any dangers to human beings, pets, and our planet.

Safe Paw ice melter perfectly fits this category.  Safe Paw is manufactured by Gaia Enterprises. The enterprise is the leading industrial manufacturer of non-toxic and friendly melters. They only manufacture their products after being certain that they do not affect people, pets or our planet negatively.

Why is Safe Paw Ice Melter Safe?

Safe Paw is non-toxic as it makes use of a two-way release action that is timed. The two-way action melts ice rapidly using a non-corrosive property.

Why Use Safe Paw Ice Melter?

There are many ice melters on the market today. However, most of them contain salts that are harmful to your pets, children and even the environment. This is why you should use Safe Paw as it does not have such effects. Remember it is non-toxic and therefore leaves everything as usual after melting the ice.  The ice melter prevents you from slipping and hence falling on the surfaces. It also has a higher melting power during day hours when the temperatures are seemingly higher. Interestingly, the same Safe Paw is capable of working at cold days that go to negative two degrees below zero.

Gaia Enterprises has also ensured that the ice melter retains some good amount of solar heat. This ensures that the process of melting ice is continuous and fast even when there is less heat.  In addition, Safe Paw does not corrode the concrete areas where you apply it. It does not destroy your driveway or plants. All this is because it is not corrosive.

Safe Paw in Action
The non-toxic ice melter is made up of an amide center that is crystalline in nature with some glycol. It also has some agents of traction to make it effective. Once it is applied on the ice, the liquid in the Safe Paw starts breaking the surface tension force holding the ice molecules. The crystals of the melter then get into the ice destabilizing it and causing further melting. The process occurs in a speedy manner.

Gaia Enterprises ensures that the ice melter is effective in its function. They also make it friendly to everything around it. There is no point of just walking into a mall and picking an ice melter without evaluating it. Pick a non-toxic ice melter to protect everything surrounding you and eliminate the ice on your driveway.  Avoid ice melters that contain salts as they are corrosive to the concrete. Make the right choice and avoid extra costs in maintenance and repairs. Keep the pet and the children safe with non-toxic ice melter.

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