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Winters bring in the joy and excitement of snowfalls alongside huge layers of ice and snow, which is nothing less than an arduous task. Furthermore, special care has to be given to pets during this time of the year. Every pet owner has the worry of keeping the walk way, drive way and the roof a safe place for their pets by using the right kind of ice melter. Safe Paw has the solution to this problem.

For all those who live in a cold area, rock salt cannot be ignored and it can be very dangerous for the pets too. It is toxic and can have a devastating effect on the pets’ paws. It can damage the skin and also harm the pets if they ingest it, which might lead to vomit and prove to be toxic too. This is where Safe Paws comes in; the non-toxic ice melter, which is 100% safe to be used. It does not have any substances like salt or chlorides that might harm the pets and is made up of active ingredients like crystalline, special glycol and liquid agents which help in breaking the ice and stabilizing it in a way that it is easy to shovel away the snow from any surface, be it on carpets, wooden flooring or concrete.

Other than this, Safe Paw ice melt acts as a form of shield as well, which not only melts the ice at a steady rate but also stops it from forming again on any surface or making it sticky for about three days. In addition, the color of the particles is also green making it prominent to be seen once spread out on the surface so it does not get covered or camouflaged in the snow and forms a very distinct and a noticeable layer, safe for pets and for children to walk on. Another attribute of this ice melt is that it absorbs heat during the day which makes the melting process faster. It also works in places which have sub-zero temperatures.

Not only for pets, but Safe Paw is also guaranteed to be safe for people, property, plants and the environment. Since sustainability is the key motive, Safe Paw makes sure that it does not cause damage to anything and continues to remain environment-friendly. The primary focus has always been to keep the environment a safer place to live in and protect plants, animal and people. Therefore, it is vital to use an ice melt which not only gives quick action but also helps in the safety and the overall well being.

It is important to use products which build trust and help you keep your pets safe during winters. Salt-based ice melt products not only damage the environment but can also have adverse affects on the pets. After researching and carefully analyzing the need, we found the solution to the problem. Thus, Safe Paw was introduced to provide a natural, healthy environment just like all Gaia products. Ever since, it has won the hearts of many and is continuing to provide the best service for a better world, a better planet. If you are looking for a pet safe ice melt you should check out Gaia products. Don’t forget to inform your friends and family about Safe Paw. They might also be looking for a eco friendly de icer for their pet.

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