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Car owners around places that experience winter have to worry about the damage road salt will cause to the exterior of their cars. A driver knows how it is hard it is to drive on a road full of snow. It is tough and slippery. Thus, road salt has to be used to melt away the ice and make it easy for the drivers to drive. Drivers have to follow the following insights from Gaia Enterprises to prevent their cars from damage caused by road salt:

Clean your car frequently or immediately after a trip

Most U.S transportation departments have resulted in using salt brine rather than rock salt. Salt brine is more corrosive and spreads faster on the exterior of the car. Thus, salt brines causes a bigger impact of damage on your vehicle.

During other seasons, people wash cars because it is dirty on the exterior and dusty in the interior. In the winter period, the road salt settles on the surface and under the car. A person has to wash the car on a regular basis on the exterior and under the car. It should be at least once per week for the paint to be intact.

Wax your car

You might wonder why wax and it is wintertime. Well, waxing will help to coat your paint. Thus, road salt cannot damage the paint. When driving, oncoming cars tires and your tires splash the salt on the body of the car. Therefore, the wax coating helps prevent the salt and grime from settling on the paint.

Wax wears off with time thus it has to be done often. Wax the exterior of the car throughout winter to prevent any damage to the paint.

Avoid Deep Snowbanks

Broad patches of snow tend to contain a high concentration of salt. The undercarriage is more exposed to salt thus the damage is enormous due to the corrosive nature.  In case a driver has to drive through the vast ice patches they have to take the car for a wash immediately. That will help remove the grime and prevent any damage under the car.

Pretreat your vehicle’s undercarriage

The most affected undercarriage parts affected by salt damage are the exhaust system, muffler, hydraulic brake system, subframe and coil springs. These components are very essential in-car operations and safety. In case of damage, it can lead to an accident.  It is vital the time before winter a car owner sprays the undercarriage with an oil treatment or a spray that will cover the exposed parts with a coating. The coating will help prevent the salt to stick on the car parts. The salt leads to rusting. When they do this it cannot affect the metals and lead to corrosion.

Do not drive behind puddles and plow trucks

Puddles pour the road salt on the road to melt the ice away. Thus, driving directly behind the truck means that the safe ice melt and your car is not getting in contact,  which has a high concentration.

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