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New Customers

At Gaia, our goal is to fulfill your needs with unmatched ease and dependability. Our commitment to creating safe and sustainable products is matched by our ability to help our partners and distributors get the support they need. There are several options for buying our products depending on what best suits your needs. As a new customer, you will fall into one of two categories, buy for home or buy in bulk. Buying a carton at a time is easy to do from one of our online retailers or in a partner store. For those who want to buy in bulk, we’ve made it easy to do so directly from our product websites. You can also go through one of our distributors.

How to Buy

Buy for Home

Safe Paw® Traction Magic® To purchase small amounts of Safe Paw® or Traction Magic® follow the links above to find an online retailer or a store near you.

Buy in Bulk

Safe Paw® Traction Magic® You can buy Safe Paw® or Traction Magic® in bulk directly from us or from one of our distributors.


We want to make sure that our retailers and distributors are always prepared. Use our storm tracker to check the local weather and keep your inventory stocked for when you need it.