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During winter, in many areas, ice and snow are accumulating outdoors. This makes it extremely difficult for people to leave their house since the pathway to the house is blocked with ice. Most people are using different methods to remove the ice and snow accumulated based on a number of factors. Some of these include the budget of the family, the amount of snow or ice which has accumulated and how quickly they wish to remove the ice. Traditionally, salt has been used for melting the ice. However, it can damage the concrete since it contains sodium chloride, which is corrosive.
Hot water is another way to get rid of ice but is a slow way of melting ice.  Families with a cat can use cat litter to get rid of the snow, yet this can be a messy way to get rid of the ice.
One of the better ways to get rid of the ice quickly and safely is by using a specially formulated de-icer from a company which has extensive experience in developing ice melting products. Gaia Enterprises Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of products for melting ice safely without damaging the environment.
Gaia Enterprises are innovators who have developed a number of patented products for melting snow and ice, like the Safepaw which is specially designed for families with pets.  Gaia Enterprises claims that Safepaw is one of the most popular ice melts which are safe for pets and children.
It is also safe for the property since it does not combine with water to form corrosive salts which can damage the concrete and other construction material which have been used. Before Safepaw was developed, most of the ice melts available in the market, were using salt, which is harmful to pets and small children who may consume the melted snow containing the ice melt.
Safepaw was developed in 1998 and is one of easiest methods to melt ice and the snow quickly and naturally. It does not contain any harmful salts and does not produce any heat.  Many people with a limited budget are using rock salt for melting ice, however, it is a slow method of melting the ice. Also rock salt is effective for melting only for a temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit and above, at lower temperatures the effectiveness will decrease rapidly.
In comparison, the ice melters from Gaia Enterprises are effective for temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, so people living in colder areas should opt for these ice melters. Traction magic is another ice control product which keeps people safe on slippery surfaces like ice. The product is derived from volcanic material and is eco-friendly.Traction magic can be used by homeowners, construction sites, businesses, and government agencies.
Safe thaw is another product developed by Gaia for melting ice in commercial properties and government agencies. It is not corrosive and also not conductive, so it can be safely used in areas where expensive equipment have been installed and safety is a major consideration.
Safe-thaw is approved by the Federal Aviation Authority and is used extensively in airports on their runway, and other places, where the ice has to be cleared quickly. So, based on the location the right eco friendly de icer should be selected for melting the ice.
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