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The earth had spun out of ice age a million years back. Yet, there is no respite during the snow thawed winters. Washington, at an average, receives 10 to 35 inches of snowfall every year, going up to extremes to the likes of Mount Rainier, which, at an average receives 670 inches of snow every year.
Between 2005 and 2014, as per the Federal Highway Administration, there have been 1,836 deaths and 536,731 crashes annually , directly or indirectly due to snowfall. This situation is only made worse as the icy roads make it impassable for ambulances and other life saving services.
Traditionally, road salts have been used for deicing the roads as snowfall cannot be treated as a blockade and be allowed to bring the economy to a standstill. Especially in a country like USA, where 70 percent of the population is located in the high snowfall density areas.
The use of road salts is economically friendly as it is readily and cheaply available as it is just a product of salt mining. But it also harbors a long standing list of cons. These road salts work by reducing the freezing point of water, thereby preventing the formation of ice. Which means, they only work to a degree, and do not directly act on melting the ice. And they also introduce sodium and chlorine into the ground water , making them saline. The chloride compounds of these salts are also corrosive in nature.
With the environment being open to much viable and eco friendly ice melting options, Safe Paw brings a multitude of friendliness to nature without compromising on deicing. It works by breaking through the surface tension of the ice with a glycol mixture and its crystalline amide core component further destabilizes the ice and speeds up the ice melting process. All the while attracting heat from the sun to quicken the process and leaving the surface ice free for up to three days.
The slippery nature of ice warrants a special notice from the administration when it comes to the roads. Especially when 70 percent of the country’s roads are submerged in high snowfall areas. Traction Magic comes into the foray to aid smooth journeys. It works in a complimentary way, by absorbing the slippery and skid causing water on the surface of the ice and provides traction with granules that are made with spike like ends.
  It is not just imperative that incidents caused by skidding and slipping be reduced, but also that essential and safety services are warranted safe passage to aid in times of need. But looking at the bigger picture, humanity not just moves forward on essential requisites, it also needs effective measures that not only tackles the risks posed by nature but by doing it in a way that does not harm the nature. Eco friendly ice melt and proactive measures go hand in hand and is the way forward to protect humanity and the nature in all its entirety, from her mountains to the mouse that inhabit them, creating a sustainable and safe co-habitation.
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