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The winter season is synonymous with snow, sometimes too much of snow to the point that it becomes a hindrance to many activities such as transportation and movement. Over the years many products have been developed to help sort out this problem and assist in defrosting such snow sheets and make way. The products have a significant signing and have moved to snowy conditions possible. However, they come with the problem factor of being sort of toxic to pets and at times the plants around. For this reason, there is an urgent need to help induce ice melt with non-toxic products.
Who Are We?
We are a company that deals in products that are eco-friendly and are guaranteed to preserve the environment. Our company was conceived with the dominant notion of replacing lousy day to day products with simple products that will go a long way in conserving our environment. The reason was to make it fit for future generations who will have a more sustainable environment.
Our Products
Ever since our inception, we have made it our goal to provide eco-friendly and sustainable products that will go a long way in conserving mother nature. Our products have met EPA standards and are safe to people plants and animals.
A product to note is our ice melt which is made completely out of safe products that will not adversely affect people, pets and property. With proper compositions in ingredients, this product will serve you well in your defrosting need as well as maintain your property’s integrity. This product goes in tandem with our mission of replacing harmful products with safer options.
How The Ice Melt Works
The ice melt comprises special traction agents that will quicken the ice defrosting process. The liquid part of the ice melt product will first break the surface tension of the ice causing it to melt instantly. The crystal core component will then destabilize the ice causing it to melt rather quick producing the needed results way quickly. The product will also attract solar heat during sunny days which will further quicken the melting process.
The traction agents have also been noted to leave a protective shield on the surface. This protective shield will prevent ice and snow from sticking to the surface for a period of up to three days which is rather impressive.
Why Choose Us
Have you purchased our ice melt yet? If not the following reasons will compel you to acquire it as soon as possible.
1.Environmental Friendliness
2.Our products are environmentally friendly and will help in maintaining the integrity of Mother Nature.
3.Non-Toxic Product
4.You are assured of a non-toxic product from our quarters that are not only friendly to humans and plants but also animals and your property too.
5.Quick Action
6.The components in our defroster will promote the fast thawing of snow and ice.
7.Works in All Temperatures
Our thawing agent will also act perfectly in all temperatures to provide you with the right results. With the dwindling state of our planet day in day out due to human activities, it is necessary to employ safer means of operation that will conserve it. With our products, we are sure in the right direction in achieving this. We encourage all to follow the lead and make environmentally safe ice melt and our surroundings our number one priority.
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