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With the Green economy movement, most companies, governments and organizations are reinventing their products to make them less toxic and bringing sustainable development without degrading earth. Gaia is a company established in 1988 with our first patented product brought to the market in 1992. Our company strives in developing safe and effective products in the market and we have a proven tract of sustainability which we vow to keep.We are constantly using innovation to come up with products that are environmentally friendly.

One of our products is the Safe Paws ice melter. This product is one of its kind and one of the most recommended ice melter in the market. We have gone over and above what the market had to offer.

The common ice melters in the market have been found to have negative effects on animals causing skin irritation, digestive track problems and when ingested and absorbed into the blood stream, by the pets, it can cause nervous system problems due to the toxicity in the sodium.

Safe Paws ice melter is patented and we conducted a Toxicological Risk Assessment on the product and the results indicated that; Safe Paws was practically Non toxic through ingestion, and that only through repeated and prolonged interaction with the product that skin and eye irritation could be experienced. Safe Paws however is corrosion free and non allergen.

Its packaged in the 8-pounds and 35-pound pail size and it has blue pellets content. Its has carbonyl diamine and glyco admixture as its active ingredients. Measures 11-1/3-inch length by 5-inch height by 7-1/2-inch width.

When sprinkled on the ice, it works by first melting the ice while breaking the tension of the surface, then after it penetrates the ice and destabilizes the ice speeding up the melting so you don’t have to wait for long.

Safe Paws ice melter has been recommended by veterinarians because its toxic free and is safe when it comes into contact with our pets and children and whats more, its also does not affect our surfaces and plants. It also safe on your hands and skin when using it.

Some of the key features include of Safe Paws ice melter include;

1. Non Toxic and 100% salt free.

2. Highly concentrated pellets that covers double the capacity of the normal ice melters.

3. Safe to use and does not damage the surfaces e.g. concrete, stone or tiles.

4. Its safe for animals, children and even the plants.

5. It prevents re-icing for up to 3 days.

You can get Safe Paws ice melter in stores across the US and some including;

1. Petco
2. Bigy
3. Tisol
4. Pet Supermarket
5. PetValu
6. Aubuchon Hardware
You can also order online from the comfort of your home on Amazon, eBay, Zoro, lowes,com among other online stores. Some of them offer free delivery within the US but Terms and conditions may apply.

This season, get yourself Safe Paws ice melter and have peace of mind knowing that we at Gaia, have put your children, pets, your property and environment out of harms way by producing a quality ice melter that is affordable and toxic free product within your reach.
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