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The winters grace us with snowfalls that spread the white snow, making every place mesmerizing and breathtakingly beautiful. Hot chocolates, warm blankets, and well-lit bonfires will cozy the atmosphere indoors and fend off chilly winters. However, ice and snow can often lead to frustrating mornings when you have to scrape your sidewalks, steps or windshields in the cold waves. You need to shovel it even if it is cold, rainy or chilly blow outside.

Introducing Ice melts – The winter savior

The visual pleasure of the snowy blanket can be enchanting, but when it comes to travelling, it could be a nightmare. Ice melts are the perfect solution to clear the snow-clad routes and make way for adventure or fun activities. Ice melts are a blend of compounds that can melt away the ice almost instantly as far as it is well known.

Natural VS Chemical

Ice melt products are either made of chemicals or natural compounds. Natural ice melts are safe for your pets and property. On the other hand, chemical melts—though safe for humans—can harm your pets and environment. Pets, for example, can face the danger of illness from ingestion of such chemical compounds. The environmental impact can affect the local water reserves contaminating it with chlorides. Too much use of chemical compounds can lead to accumulation of lumps that can damage the landscapes causing cracks.

Natural Ice melt by Gaia enterprises

Natural ice melts can be used to get rid of treacherous ice in pathways without posing any threat to your property or pets. It is easy on the pocket as well.   Natural ice melts are made of eco-friendly and nontoxic compounds that are safe. Gaia Enterprises manufactures 100% natural products like ice melts and traction agent that gently wards off the snow and are safe for your loved ones.

Benefits of natural Ice melts

A good shovel shall clear out the snow but give you a weird workout in the icy atmosphere. However, natural ice melts can do the work almost instantly with little efforts. Natural ice melts are safe for your pets, even if they accidentally ingest the compounds while having a walk or licking the snow. Natural ice melts are much cheaper than chemical variants, and you get the work done with equal efficiency without shelling out money on formulated products. Moreover, they are gentle on surfaces and plants. Just by adding particles to ice you can increase the rate of melting snow. It is safe for plants and wouldn’t possess any harm to metal, wood or concrete.

Hassle free winters with natural ice melt

Enjoy the magical snow and stroll around your fortified place like a fantasy land. The natural ice melt by Gaia enterprises shall melt the widespread enchanting snow covering your way or sidewalks in minutes.   Let the snow bloom giving an unconventional feel and enjoy the snowy flare bestowed upon your place during winters. The natural ice melt can make winters a fairytale with no harm to your pets or Mother Nature.

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