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    Winter is one of the most welcomed seasons of the year. While there may be a lot of reasons to make you love the cold, snowfall ends up on most people’s list. After all, who does not love waking up to a view of a beautiful, white landscape? And, let’s not forget having snow fights and building snowmen!

    While snowfall seems like it is all fun and games, the adults know it is not. Snowfall leads to the tedious job of shoveling away snow from driveways and walkways before you can begin your day. This job is made easier by wonderful products known as “snow melts”.

    Snow melts—why do you need one?

    Snow melts or ice melts are substances that almost instantly melt the snow, turning it into a “slush”. This can easily be tossed away. That means these products do almost half of the work for you!  Most snow or ice melts are a mixture of salts such as rock salt, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride, and very harmful chemicals. When buying an ice melt, you need to opt for a natural alternative to keep your family and pets safe!

    Are safe ice melts available?

    Gaia Enterprises is one company that keeps safety first! Their mission is to provide 100% natural products that get the job done effectively as well. They have introduced “Snow Paw” or “Snow Thaw”— which are snow melts that have been approved by the FAA for use in runways and jet ways! So, now you know exactly what you need for your driveways and walkways!

    How is it safe?

    All Gaia Enterprises products are free from any corrosive salts, chemicals or dyes. All of the ingredients that make up the recipe of Snow Paw or Snow Thaw are absolutely natural and safe for your children and pets. Even your property, whether it is made of concrete, wood, brick or stone, will remain secure from any adverse effects. They also work at all temperatures, so you do not have to worry about which continent you live in.

    How does it work?

    This ice melt has a crystalline amide core that features glycol admixture and traction agents infused into it. This is a unique formula and is not seen in any of its competitors. Safe Paw has a dual effect. It not only melts ice but also provides traction.

    Let’s see how it works:  First, the liquid agents will step in to reduce the surface tension to melt the snow. Then the amide core will come into play and destabilize the ice crystals to speed up the melting process.  Then a protective layer will be formed on the surface by the traction agents.  This prevents the ice or snow from sticking to the surface for almost three days!

    How to buy it

    Gaia Enterprises offers these products in two ways: individually and/or in bulk.  For residential use, you can order the products from their website or any of their retailers near you. You can check out their website to find a store that offers their products near you!

    For commercial use: If you want to order the products in bulk, you will first have to get approved for doing that by filling out an online form. After that, you can contact one of the distributors or order online. For more contact help, visit their website.

    Winter season is coming with a lot of fun and excitement. However, it’s prudent to ensure that your loved ones are safe. With the use of natural a snow and ice melter, this winter keep yourself and your family, pets, and property protected against harmful substances too!

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