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Irritated with walking on the slippery ice?  Winters can be troublesome at times. Walking the streets can be one of them. Be as cautious as you can, walking on ice is never easy or safe. Traction is the basic vehicle letting us walk and reach places. But, what happens when the winter’s ice snatches away this traction from us?

For years, people have tried several things to get traction on ice. Ice melters gained high popularity for de-icing the surfaces. But then, these chemical based ice melters harm humans, animals, and property. Even the ones safe for environment take too long to serve the purpose.

Get Immediate Traction On Ice

Tried Traction Magic?  There’s an amazingly safer way to achieve slip-free tractions on winter ice. Gaia Enterprises Inc. brings a great product for immediate traction on ice. Experts at the company identified the cause of slip and decided to work with snow rather than cleaning it.  Traction magic is one rare product that gives instant traction on the icy surface. And that’s not all. It’s completely safe for people, animals and properties as well. Having safe driveways and streets isn’t that painful anymore.

Traction Magic Helps You Find Your Grip

Traction magic doesn’t try to get rid of ice. Rather, it wins it.  Why do we slip on ice? Basically, there’s always a thin layer of water on ice. Traction magic works by overcoming this setback. How? Let’s try to understand this. Traction magic uses a 2-part granule system to achieve traction. These granules are hundred percent natural and work as Absorbers and Grippers. The two-step methodology runs as explained below.

Step 1

The Absorbers get rid of the thin layer of water from the ice surface.

Step 2

Once the ice is liquid-free, Grippers act on it. These Grippers penetrate into the surface with their spikes. With removed liquid layer and fixed spiky granules, you get a surface that’s safe to walk or drive.

A Traction That’s Safe for Properties and Beings

Traction magic follows the sandpaper effect. It’s made up of all-natural geo-crystals mined throughout the US. Some of these crystals are processed for maximum water absorption and others for embedding themselves into the ice.

Traction magic uses hundred percent natural elements. It’s free from harmful chemicals and salts. Hence, it’s safe for all the surfaces and even living beings including plants. A traction agent has never before been a better friend to the environment.

Why Gaia for Your Traction Needs

Gaia Enterprises since its inception has worked to develop products safe for the world. Sustainability is the prime motivation of the company. Be it the Safe Paw, the Safe Thaw, or the Traction Magic, the environmental safety is the prime focus with every Gaia product.

Like other Gaia products, Magic Traction is a hundred percent natural product safe for your property, your pets, and yourselves. Getting instant traction on snow-clad surfaces without any chemicals or salts isn’t a dream anymore.

It’s Traction Magic’s reality

Get it for yourself and have safe winters. Got an ice control query? Feel free to ask our experts.
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