We put pets, people and property first.

At Gaia, every product we create is safe. Safe for what you care about and safe for our planet. No exceptions. We are the proud innovator, patent holder, and manufacturer of the revolutionary ice melt Safe Paw®. But ice control is just the beginning. We believe that sustainable products are the future of our planet and are working each day to make that a reality.

Where Consciousness Meets Innovation.


Safe Paw is the leading pet-safe ice melt. It is non-corrosive and 100% safe not only for kids and pets but also safe for your property. Unlike typical de-icers, Safe Paw does not contain any harmful salts and does not give off heat.

Traction Magic®

Traction Magic keeps you safe on slippery surfaces. Naturally derived from volcanic material, Traction Magic provides instant traction where and when you need it. It's 100% safe and a natural method of ice control for your property.

Safe Thaw®

Safe Thaw's non-corrosive and non-conductive properties make it ideal ice control for various commercial and government clients. As an ice melt, Safe Thaw was also approved by the FAA for use on airport runways and jetways.