Safe products for people, pets, property, and planet.

At Gaia, every product we create is absolutely safe. Safe for what you care about and safe for our planet. No exceptions. We are the proud innovator, patent holder, and manufacturer of the revolutionary ice melt Safe Paw®. But ice control is just the beginning. Sustainable products are the future of our planet and we are working each day to make that a reality.

All products made and assembled in the USA.

Safe Thaw Ice Melt Made in USA

Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple: replace harmful products with safe options. We hope to one day be the most trusted manufacturer of environmentally safe products around the world.

Safe Thaw Natural Ice Melter
De-icing products for walkways and driveways
Safe Thaw Dog Friendly Ice Melt
All-natural products that are 100% safe for pets, people and property
Safe Thaw Driveway Ice Melt
All-natural products for traction on icy surfaces

About Gaia

Gaia USA has always been committed to creating sustainable products. In 1986, our founder received multiple patents for Safe Thaw, the foundation for our #1 selling product, Safe Paw.

All Products made and assembled in the USA.

First sold to power generation companies, construction firms, railroads, and municipal governments, our products helped them comply with EPA standards when no other product could.

From the beginning in 1986 to today, our company’s commitment to innovative work remains. We will continue to create products that are 100% safe and put pets, people, and property first.

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